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Coaches, Consultants & Small Biz Owners

Build a Profitable Email List for Your Business in Just 8 Weeks . . . 

With Expert Guidance that Builds Your Business—Whether You Have 200 Subscribers or No List All!

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The List Growth 101 Program Reveals How to:


Build Your Business While You Sleep

Thousands of entrepreneurs wake up to prospects every morning! You can too . . . if you know these proven tactics taught in List Growth 101.


Break Free From Facebook Tyranny

Organic reach is lower than ever—and sometimes Facebook and Insta crash for no reason! Email marketing puts you in the driver’s seat so you can contact people how you want, when you want.


Feel 100% Confident

Kick your doubts to the curb with List Growth 101 and expert Q&A (twice a week!) Got a dormant email list . . . or none at all? Now you have an email expert on your team to ensure your growth.

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“You Need an Email List”—Says Everyone

And you reply: “But doesn’t email . . . like . . . take a lot of time? I’m busy serving my clients, handling social media—and I already wear WAY too many hats.”

Then you DEFINITELY need email marketing and the List Growth 101 program! It shows you how email automation saves time and helps build your business.

Best of all, the List Growth 101 program makes email quick and easy. You’ll skip the learning curve and master crucial email skills in 8 weeks flat!

More Time. More Customers.

With List Growth 101

  • Experience the sweetest feeling in the world: waking up to new prospects and customers in your inbox. 

  • Take control with email and deepen your tribe. (If social media was a noisy cocktail party, email’s like hanging with friends in their living room!)

  • Know exactly what to do, and when. You’ll master the email game and increase your ability to make money from your email list on demand.

Sounds Great—Add me to the waitlist for List Growth 101

Hi! I’m Kendra . . .

But you can call me your personal email maven!

I created List Growth 101 to bring you the email secrets of successful businesses—so you can grow your business for less.

You see, I spent years in the marketing world of Fortune 500 companies, with management roles for major auto manufacturers and insurance companies. In these roles, I mastered the ins and outs of content marketing and email.

Now, I’m bringing those tactics to small business owners and solopreneurs everywhere—and serving as your Q&A expert for the program I’m calling List Growth 101!

Ready to begin increasing your revenue and growing your business?

Kendra Corman
Let's Do This!
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  • Easy-to-follow trainings that take you from “Total Email Noob” to “Ninja Email Master”—while growing a list of prospects and referral partners.

  • The knowledge you need to set up your email software, develop a killer lead magnet, and create a solid network of ideas for your emails.

  • Twice-a-week Q&A with me so you can dodge the pitfalls of the email game and increase your income the stress-free way.



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Your 3-Step Email Success Formula


Step #1: Build a Game Plan for Long-Term Success

We go deep into strategy and identify the most effective ways you can grow. As a result, you’ll recognize your highest-leverage email opportunities and know precisely how to implement the next steps.

Step #2: Grow Your List Like Crazy with Advanced Strategies

You’ll come away with a powerful email machine for attracting new subscribers, engaging them with automated content, and earning their trust.

Step #3: Nurture Your Tribe & Monetize Your List

Now, your subscribers see your value and are ready to buy. List Growth 101 walks you through nurturing your list and watching key metrics to measure your growth.

More Saturdays 

When you master email marketing, you have “more Saturdays” in your life. That might sound odd, so let me explain:

With more automated sales and clients coming in from email, you start to live life on your terms.

Maybe you’ll work the same hours and grow your business more quickly. Or maybe you’ll choose “more Saturdays” and time with your family.

Either way, you’ll have the control and freedom only automated revenue can provide.

The Result? 

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“Is This Program Really Right for ME?”

List Growth 101 is Perfect If:

  • You want to try email marketing but want guidance from an expert
  • You have a stalled-out email list that could use some love
  • You’re motivated to succeed (but just a teeny-bit afraid of tech)

This isn’t for you if:

  • You can’t provide value to your clients

  • You’re too afraid of putting yourself “out there”

  • You prefer to do things the hard way on your own 😉

I'm a Fit—Tell me when it opens!

What to Expect in List Growth 101:

Module 1: Marketing Masterclass

This deep dive into marketing could pay for your course on its own (before we even start to talk about email). We’ll set big goals and pinpoint your target audience so you can sell more effectively.

Module 2: Email Marketing 101

This module has everything you need to know about email marketing—from email service providers (ESPs) to anti-spam regulations. It’s like an easy-to-read roadmap for making money with email.

Module 3: How to Get Subscribers

Get the inside scoop on how to get subscribers (hint: give something away!) We’ll explain the most powerful types of freebie “lead magnets” that will build your list, and we provide tech tutorials on how to implement your own.

Module 4: Secrets of "Self-Driving" Email Mode

The excitement starts when you build your first autoresponder—an automated series of personalized emails that save you countless hours of work and can “sell while you sleep.”

Module 5: The Email Content Factory

Not sure what to write in your emails? This module gives you frameworks for powerful, tribe-building content. It ALSO exposes the endless stream of email ideas that are already in your head!

Module 6: How to Write Emails that Get OPENED

It’s all in the subject line—and the preview text! You’ll discover proven copywriting tactics that get results. Because if nobody opens your emails, well . . .

Module 7: Analyze Like a Mad Scientist

Optimize, optimize, optimize. You’ll learn analysis techniques used by millionaire marketers and Fortune 500 companies. (And you’ll learn the little-known reason open rates DON’T matter in 2022!)

Two (count ‘em 2!) Q&A Sessions: EVERY Module!

You have access to Yours Truly via video conference calls not once—but TWICE every week for the duration of your course. It’s the live, real-time guidance you need to avoid mistakes and kickstart your revenue machine.

And All the Extras


Private List Growth Facebook Community ($297 value)

Connect with fellow business owners and get access throughout the course to this exclusive community! This resource answers all the questions that can’t wait for the next live Q&A.


Swipe Templates for Your Emails ($497 value)

You get our proven email newsletter templates to keep your ducks in a row and ready to go! These powerful formats drive conversions and scream “professionalism.”


Live Q&As with Kendra (Value: Pretty Much Priceless)

We cannot overstate this: Unlike other email programs, you get unprecedented LIVE access to the expert herself . . . twice per week!


Bonus-Bonus: Lifetime Access to All Course Materials!


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100% Guaranteed? Oh yeah!

I’m so confident you’ll get big results from List Growth 101 that we’re offering a 14-Day Money-Back Guarantee.

Simply apply what you learn in the first few modules. If you’re not delighted with the results, say so and show us what you did. We’ll return your full payment immediately!

** Refunds must be requested in writing within this refund period.

Commonly Asked Questions

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